The Division Will Release Delayed into 2015?

Ubisoft is increasingly established itself as one of the best developers and publishers in the gaming industry today. This evidence grew stronger when most of the projects being they are currently signed in as the games most anticipated players this year. Do not believe? We’re talking about The Crew, Child of Light, Watch Dogs, and the annual series – Assassin’s Creed is also certainly present in 2014. Among all these games, comes a new prima donna – a MMO game with outstanding visual quality – GTA 5  is also targeted to adorn the gaming industry in the same time window. But for this last title, a rumor was spreading strong disappointment in cyberspace today.


The big question is, with so many games to be done by Ubisoft in 2014, whether they can complete all of this mammoth project? It is more complex, especially with the fact that Ubisoft did not just develop these games for granted, but also to build a new engine capable of facilitating the development needs that exist. The development process becomes much more difficult and take longer, at least, that’s what is happening with the Division.
One source in Ubisoft Massive revealed that they were about to finish the main engine – Snowdrop Engine. Therefore, it is almost impossible to meet the target of 2014 for the release of The Division. They have not started any work process for the Division, while on the other hand, this game will be ambitious with the breadth of the world has to offer GTA 5 Money generator.

In an interview with gaming site – GameReactor, one person in Ubisoft Massive – The Division developer who remain anonymous, revealed that the most likely release of The Division would be delayed. Had planned to slide the end of 2014, the Division appears to be new gamers will meet in 2015. The reason? Since they are just about completed its main engine – Snowdrop Engine, and not build anything for the game world – The Division itself. With the vast world that will be offered by this game, the source claimed nearly impossible for Ubisoft Massive to meet the wishes of the release of 2014. The delay seems to be something that can no longer be avoided.

Ubisoft itself has not launched an official response to information “in” this one. However, considering the ambitious Ubisoft on GTA 5 , this information will likely end up being true. Almost impossible to build a massive game in just one year, using a new engine that is even yet as robust as expected.

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