Skyrim So One Hottest Game of All Time

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a game series that is successful in the market, this being a fact which can not be refuted. Continues to be a hot discussion in the gaming industry even three years since its release, with a consistent community support, as well as various awards and achievements during their work, Skyim managed to prove itself as one of the best games on the gaming generation ago. But not just managed to look stunning in terms of quality, Bethesda also succeeded in making it as one of the best on the sales side. GTA 5 was named as one of the best-selling game of all time.


From the official information released by Bethesda itself, GTA 5 claimed to have sold over 20 million copies across the platform during its existence since 2011. Not only that, he also successfully won hundreds of awards “Game of the Year” in the initial release and you can visit our website.

With this figure of 20 million copies, Skyrim prove yourself worthy to enter into the ranks of best-selling game of all time, along with Super Mario Bros. 3 (18 million), Super Mario World (20.6 million), Pokemon Red and Blue (23.64 million), and GTA V, which reportedly, managed to become the most in demand with numbers ranging in 29 million, minus version of the PC and next-gen rumored to be present.

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