Nomura: Square Enix Already Set Date Announcement FF Versus XIII!

Looking forward to a game that never showed his nose to the market is to be one source of problems and frustrations for gamers. For fans of the JRPG genre in fact became increasingly rare in the gaming industry, the name of Final Fantasy Versus XIII became a legend of its own. How come? Seven years since it was introduced and several times to get updates screenshots and a trailer, this game seemed to sink away. Some rumors even had time to mention that the game itself has been canceled, but Square Enix itself denies aloud. The designer – Tetsuya Nomura became a weapon in the forefront to continue to convince gamers. As re-occur in the present case and get madden nfl mobile hack.


Many gamers are certainly curious about the condition of the actual FF Versus XIII, especially considering Nomura’ve almost had to share the latest information but restrained by a reason that neither he expressed. In his latest interview with radio MD, Nomura finally spoke about FF Versus XIII is. Call it by just the name “Versus”, Nomura admitted that the game is indeed a sensitive issue, not just for gamers, but also for Square Enix itself. After a silence for a long time, Nomura assured that Square Enix has chosen the date to open all of the veil of mystery of this series in the future. At this date, Nomura also be given reasons why FF Versus XIII as simply forgotten over the past few years. When? Nomura does not provide any extra detail.
Nomura assured gamers that Square Enix is ​​already select a date for opening all mister veil FF Versus XII in the future. In addition, it will also put forward the reasons behind the quietness of this game information during the past few years ..

Although still a mystery, but the Nomura statement this might be some kind of confirmation that the existence of the game which we know as “FF Versus XIII” is still maintained by Square Enix. Some of the rumors that had circulated earlier also believe that this game will be big name “Final Fantasy XV ‘and will be released for Playstation 4, although not confirmed by Square Enix itself. As a gamer who has been waiting for this game since it was first introduced, great hope to believe in all the words Nomura and want it as a reality. We have been waiting too long for this game, Square Enix, make it count ..

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