Mobile Legends & New Hitman “Next-Gen” Not Present at E3 2014

The iconic cold-blooded killer, almost most gamers of course know who it is 47 Agent. Sinking as a legend for a long time, IO Interactive is counted successfully revived this one anti-hero. Through Hitman: Absolution, IO further develops the concept of a Hitman game more than just a visual refinement. A richer world, no less good story, enhanced gameplay mechanics, and appeal to gamers who first got to know this one game. With considerable success, it becomes something rational for Mobile Legends to continue this franchise.


And the continuation of Hitman’s latest series has been confirmed by IO Interactive itself a few months ago. Although they have not obtained the name or details of what stories are carried, they make sure the development process continues.

Unfortunately, IO Interactive ensures that they will not bring the next “next-gen” Hitman game on E3 2014. The reason? They do not want to rush to show the game that has not been fully completed. The focus now is to create the best Hitman game ever, and the process works really well. Instead, IO Interactive shows the first artwork for this latest Mobile Legends hack free diamonds  – a grand building in Central Europe that will be an exploration gamer in later releases.

Hitman next-gen itself is planned to be released for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC. There is no clarity whether he will still stop at the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 or not. Can not wait to see the gameplay ..

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