Halo 5 – Xbox One Fixed Glide Year!

Of all the franchise owned by Microsoft, none of whom will be able to beat the popularity of Halo. It becomes indisputable fact. Not only has consistently been sold Microsoft titles in each release their console, adventure iconic figure – Master Chief also be one reason the name “Xbox” still fluttering in the gaming industry today. The trend to continue to bring actions before the Chief gamers are also unlikely to be stopped. Halo for the generation next-gen Microsoft even introduced at E3 2013 yesterday. Although it does not load at all aspects of gameplay, but it was enough for a short teaser inviting great enthusiasm. So how is this project?


As if sinking away, Microsoft is never again mentioned the name Halo 5 for Xbox One at all, even when they announced Xbox One sales figures for the year 2013 ago. This is of course worrisome, especially with 2014 already underway. However, Microsoft assured gamers owners of Xbox One. Rob Semsey of Microsoft asserts that the only reason roblox 2017 do not get updates only for 343 Industries itself has not yet determined the official name for the final product later. Not only that, he also assured that the next-gen series is still to be released in 2014!
Apart from the lack of information since its introduction in the past E3 2013, Microsoft assured the Halo series for next-gen Xbox One still be rolled year 2014. The only reason for the absence of information just because 343 Industries itself has not yet determined the final name for “Halo 5” is.

Since its emergence, Microsoft itself did not publicly announce what title will be carried by the roblox robux free – Xbox One, and does not require that the name “Halo 5” for her. With this confirmation, the ranks of Xbox One will appear more solid in 2014. Welcome to the new generation, Chief ..

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