Eidos: Thief PC Version Not Just Port Ordinary

The fact that the next generation consoles will carry the x86 architecture has become the information so welcomed by the majority of PC gamers. What lesson? By carrying out a similar architecture, developers now have the option that is much easier for the release of their flagship games for all platforms spread across the market, including PC. This of course increases the likelihood of sinking more exclusive game concepts. The presence of this architecture is also certainly raised hopes of finding a reverse trend, where developers would prefer to build their flagship game on PC in advance for more leverage and then ported to next-gen consoles. But for the affairs of the latter, this expectation still seems to be mere wishful thinking and visit madden mobile free coins.


Talking about his latest project – Thief 4, Stephane Roy of Eidos Montreal did concede that the console version will be the basis for the development of this project. However, he asserted that the port to be directed to the PC there will not just be a simple port that makes it appear merely as a copy of a version of the next-gen consoles. Roy assured that the PC version of Thief itself is very important in the eyes of Eidos. They will ensure that gamers will get to experience the maximum by using their keyboard and mouse. Eidos will develop the PC version of this with a PC gamer mindset and make next-gen consoles as a potential platform developed in a different way.
Not merely as a raw coffee from the console version, Eidos Thief assured that the latest port to a PC is not just a simple port. Eidos build it seriously to ensure maximum comfort.

Although not the focus of Roy’s statement, but the fact that he argued that the PC version “is not a simple port” still insists that the console is likely to be the platform that became the focus of development and still get the PC version of the port. Although the technology is no longer the distance as far as the current generation of consoles, but this of course knocked down hopes of the majority of PC gamers. Thief 4 is scheduled to be released in 2014 for Playstation 4, Microsoft’s latest console and PC.

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