EA Regrets Not Working Seriously Medal of Honor: Warfighter

Where gamers are not sad to hear the news freezing Medal of Honor franchise which made EA after the failure of the warfighter to look stunning on the market last year? Series is not strong enough to provide any punches to Activision who performed brilliantly through Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, even enough to swing with a new sales record. As a franchise that has lived so long, cancellation Medal of Honor would be an embarrassing blunder. So who is to blame? Apart scapegoat anyone deserves to be a slur, the publishers – Electronic Arts admitted taking part


In an interview with gaming site RPS, Chief Creative Director EA – Rich Hilleman acknowledges that EA could actually produce the game Medal of Honor: Warfighter better than they release last year. So what is the problem? He openly admitted that EA has serious problems at the execution, leadership is not strong enough to create the sensation of warfighter needs. On the other hand, EA began to dither with the strategy of “quantity” it is trying to release as many as possible of the flagship games to market, with the support of minimal quality control were also not able to ensure success in the market. Therefore, EA managed to survive with the franchise for selling space and the choice fell to DICE and Battlefield and astuce clash royale .
EA finally acknowledge their contribution in case of failure of Medal of Honor: Warfighter. In addition to the ability of management is lacking, many games under its aegis making it difficult to focus the EA to ensure that they release each title comes with qualities that ensure success.

However, Hilleman not rule out the possibility that someday in the future, by the time the power is right, franchise-franchise legacy under the auspices of the EA, including Medal of Honor can be revived. Does this hold events will be able to “force” the EA to change their business policy to be too money-oriented? To ensure that no similar incident recurring, is of course a hope for all gamers.

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