Madden Mobile English Version Ready to Roll Next Year

A more good news for fans of the JRPG that is now probably feeling the thirst for tasting games of quality franchise. After confirming some of the previous translation projects – Madden Mobile coins and Madden Mobile that had previously slid on multiple platforms, Namco Bandai has finally launched other good news, which of course is highly anticipated. Absolutely, the series sekual which was released some time ago – Madden Mobile confirmed also going through the process of translation to be distributed to the Western market.


Confirmation itself out of his mouth Namco Bandai itself by the Japan Expo event held in France last week. Like the predecessor series, Madden Mobile English version will only be rolled exclusively for Playstation 3. When you will have the opportunity to enjoy it? Namco Bandai has not given a clear release date, in addition to the certainty for the release in 2014.

The first series – Madden Mobile English version will be released on August 6, 2013, also exclusive to Playstation 3. Well, good news for all lovers of JRPG …… who happens to have a Playstation 3.