This is the weight of the Ability Game Dominate Japan

It is no secret that Japan is a country that is “unique”. Not only culturally, but also tastes of the people who live in the country’s sunrise. They seemed to live in a world of its own with a standard that is difficult to be understood by the population of the world. One of the most obvious examples is their love of the game industry. Not infrequently you will find the titles of “strange” that even we do not know capable of being the best-selling in the market. While on the other hand, quality game that is able to amaze the world is not very successful in Japan. This makes the game that comes from western developers is difficult to conquer Japan.


Something that is difficult does not mean impossible to do. If you do not want to adapt to the tastes of Japanese gamers, Western developers need a title or a franchise that has quality and tremendous popularity for being able to dominate the Japanese market. This is what can be done by a phenomenal game – Modern Warfare 3. A privilege that is difficult to obtain, but MW3 managed to prove himself to be the best-selling game in Japan today with 220 thousand copies sold only from the console version. This figure also would contribute to total revenue of USD 775 million that has been collected from 5 days Activision worldwide release of MW3 and visit on dragon ball z dokkan battle triche .
It is quite surprising to see how Japanese gamers was also paying attention to the FPS genre with Western-style gameplay atmosphere is thick. Of the 20 best-selling games in Japan this week, other ranks still dominated by the unique games that you may not know. Do not believe? Just look at the full list:

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (Square, PS3): 180.372 – NEW
One Piece Gigant Battle! 2 (Namco Bandai, DS): 116.062 – NEW
Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch (Level-5, PS3): 67.032 – NEW
Super Mario 3D Land (Nintendo, 3DS): 62.318 (Life to date: 499.250)
Saints Row: The Third (THQ Japan, PS3): 36.222 – NEW
Final Fantasy Type-0 (Square Enix, PSP): 30.543 (682.173)
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (Square Enix, Xbox 360): 30.467 – NEW
Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Extend (Sega, PSP): 30.042 (214.715)
Sengoku Basara 3 Utage (Capcom, PS3): 25.771 (149.968)
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (Capcom, PS3): 22.436 – NEW
Ore no Koete Shi wo Yuke (Sony, PSP): 21.497 (115.582)
Poképark 2: Beyond the World (The Pokémon Company, Wii): 19.246 (55.031)
Kirby’s Adventure (Nintendo, Wii): 18.671 (236.039)
Saints Row: The Third (THQ Japan, Xbox 360): 15.380 – NEW
Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary (Microsoft, Xbox 360): 13.106 – NEW
Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HD (Konami, PS3): 12.721 (52.464)
Just Dance Wii (Nintendo, Wii): 12.477 (216.255)
PES 2012 (Konami, PSP): 9742 (69.362)
Wii Party (Nintendo, Wii): 8559 (2,022,866)
Battlefield 3 (Electronic Arts, PS3): 8094 (150.265)

There are two reasons that may contribute to the “miracle” that rare. There is a possibility that Japanese gamers are now more open to alternative genre produced the western world, where they turned out to be more interesting than just a game that brought anime characters or idols. Or the second possibility, that the popularity of Modern Warfare 3 is so broad and deep so as to penetrate the walls of the Japanese gamer tastes. What do you think?

No Ghost Recon: Future Soldiers for PC

In the PC gaming industry seems increasingly lags behind the console. Although PC is a device that is adaptive and dynamic, but its ability qualified apparently not been able to attract some of the key developers. PC is often positioned as a stepchild in the gaming industry, which became a priority after the console. Quality undue, bug, a slower release schedule, until the franchise is canceled already become “food” every day. One developer who most often do so? Ubisoft and get .


Are you including PC gamers are awaiting the arrival of the tactical third person shooter game Ghost Recon: Future Soldier? You seem to have to bury a deep desire to play you. Ubisoft has officially confirmed that they will not release Ghost Recon: Future Soldier for PC. The reason? Believe it or not, piracy! Without any valid data to support it, Sebastian Arnoult from Ubisoft stated that they believe that 95% of gamers will hijack this Future Soldier. Therefore, they release it only to the console.

Most of us are confused by reason of “cliché” on this one. It is no secret if consoles – XBOX 360 and Playstation 3 also face the problem of piracy is no less severe. So why Ubisoft just switch off Future Soldier PC version? Does Ubisoft as eye lid with the same problems that exist in the console? Various theories were raised from all directions. Most likely, Ubisoft does not want to be bothered to undergo a more complex process to release the game on the PC, while the gains are nothing compared to the console version. It’s business, nothing personal.

Clash of Clans – build your character with great difficulty

Are you among gamers who are keen to spend time in Clash of Clans gems hack over the last month? Not just finish the story, you are also actively looking for diverse equipment and weapons with high scarcity levels to make sure your character is strong enough in the Dark Zone? If yes, then there is no longer the day the more you look forward to other than today. As they had promised earlier, Clash of Clans ready to throw the update 1.1, which not only improve a variety of bugs and odd glitch in the previous version, but also offers many exciting new content to be anticipated. It will be a proving ground for those who already build your character with great difficulty!


What’s appropriate for the anticipated him? Ubisoft finally merills a new trailer to introduce new features in the 1.1 update which will be launched today. First, of course, there are incursions mode – a mode similar to Raid MMO that takes you on a different kind of battle. Not only difficult, it will also offer gear set is so tempting to pass up. Daily Assignment now also offers the chance to win a particular resource once daily achieved an existing objective.

As for Clash of Clans , the system Supply Drops containing a variety of equipment and items of interest will also be launched. The players not only have to fight the NPC, but also be aware of other players are of course targeting the same thing. Another feature is the opportunity to exchange loot between players in one party and reporting system to monitor the cheater in the PC version.

Update it touted to be measuring approximately 4 – to 4.7 GB depending on your platform. Incursions alone would not be late for the free updates Clash of Clans. Ubisoft will be launching another update called Conflict for free in May 2016. Get yourself ready!

Ways To Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a condition of a man’s penis can not afford strained, either temporarily or permanently when it has sexual intercourse with a woman. Erectile dysfunction can happen to men of any age, but usually occurs in middle-aged men, are aged 40 years and over and you can visit on .

Men who had impaired sexual function will not feel entirely happy in her life. Although sex is not the main purpose of marriage, yet harmonious conjugal relationship is often influenced by their sexual health. Life without sex is like vegetables without salt. Tasted bland.


How to treat erectile dysfunction

The cause of impotence or erectile dysfunction comes from several factors. Starting from chronic diseases, nutrition is not balanced, psychiatric problems, until bad habits than men are. At the ripe age of men who experience erectile dysfunction is usually caused by excessive stress due to the growing cost of living soar while income has not increased. This condition is dragging man in a vicious circle because the stress can be caused erectile dysfunction, impotence opposite can also lead to stress.

Sexual health problems experienced by young men, between 20-35 years, at present many are caused by wrong lifestyle. Association with peers bring them to consume drugs, smoking, drinking alcohol, and staying up late every night. Fast food consumption habits can also cause a variety of chronic diseases due to accumulation of lipids in the body. So it is not surprising that the incidence of erectile dysfunction when this happens to young people.

Then, how to treat erectile dysfunction so he returned to find his manhood on the bed? Before healing impotence, know first the causes of sexual disorders. Is it because the mind of stress, wrong lifestyle, or because the side effects of treatment of serious illnesses? After knowing the cause of impotence in men, then you can take a further step to treat erectile dysfunction are in accordance with the type of cause. Currently there are various ways to treat erectile dysfunction are used in community

Reviews: Suicide Squad

Whether the film will have a Director’s cut version is better? Perhaps, because in a tweet of his, Ayer never showed Suicide Squad movie editing timeline. There, seen that the Suicide Squad has a duration of more than 2.5 hours. The difference is quite far from theatricalnya version which is only about 2 hours. Hopefully Director’s cut version that can give a positive value in order to improve the story in this film and watch on here .


The heavy burden now borne by the film Wonder Woman and the Justice League which will begin running next year. Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad has shown some errors which are forbidden to be repeated if DC wants superior in superhero movie scene. The studio must evaluate many things before making a fatal mistake in subsequent films. Election of directors and steadiness script so two specter that haunts DC during this time. Believe me, as an audience we are willing to wait longer to get a quality film, not just attractive promotional film-like fast food that is not nutritious.

Mobile Strike Set Release Final

Who still remembers the hype that had appeared when the figure Keiji Inafune suddenly responds gamers thirst for a new Mobile Strike game with a Kickstarter project called Mighty No. 9? Remarkable success in so quickly, some do support it in the name of nostalgia. But trust in Inafune figure who was the driver of that is effective enough to bring the characters of this one to the gaming industry. Unfortunately, in spite of the anticipation was so great, he never showed his nose. Delay after delay, the reason for the sake of reasons, Mobile Strike ends so a project that actually invite more question marks. Fortunately, times they present with the good news that is long overdue and download on here .


Keiji Inafune and Comcept finally announced a new release date for Mighty # 9! But they promised, unlike the previous releases which are then decorated with more delay, a final release date for the Mobile Strike.

The reason? Because the game itself has been completed. They now entered the final phase to begin distribution of this game, both physically and digitally. Inafune also apologized about the disappointments that could arise because of the case of delays in the past. Unfortunately, the owners of the PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS can not wait to taste this game again had to wait for a time that is not obvious before can taste this game.

Hill Climb Racing Reviews

His fame may not proportionate with another giant franchise, but Hill Climb Racing  has fanatical fan base that no longer any doubt. Universe with a strong foundation to make each faction shine for those who really follow all the things related to the Hill Climb Racing. With the return of RTS as a popular genre in PC gaming, the opportunity to generate Dawn of War to the current generation seems too good to pass up. After being offered a teaser for a few dozen hours of this past, the latest series – Hill Climb Racing is finally released to the public and get on here.


Hill Climb Racing itself will still be offered as an RTS game and will be handled by Relic under the banner of SEGA. Trailer premiere were released showing an epic battle theme, which unfortunately, do not load at all gameplay content. Stephen MacDonald – the executive producer provides a strong signal that Hill Climb Racing will blend the appeal of the second and third series. An RTS game with a classical system of wake headquarters, but also the opportunity to make the setting unit as essential. You can see the Space Marines, Elder, and orks fight here.

Marvel Contest of Champions Reviews 2016

It seems to be a trend of its own for Bethesda’s no longer trying to build hype for their games racik. Not like a giant game projects from other publishers who typically have been introduced long ago in a series of screenshots to the gameplay trailer, they reduce the waiting time by setting a faster release. So far? Fairly effective. Just look at what they managed to do with Fallout 4 newly introduced at the E3 2015 press release also slid in the same year. The same strategy also seems to be applied in the stealth action game super cool them – Marvel Contest of Champions. The sequel series certainly will slide this year too and visit here  marvel-contestofchampionshack  !


After successfully creating a lot of gamers are curious through the first teaser, Bethesda and Arkane Studios indeed still leaves a lot of mysteries for Marvel Contest of Champions 2. But who thought that all these mysteries will be answered in the 2016’s as well! Bethesda announced that they will show gameplay Marvel Contest of Champions 2 for the first time at E3 2016. This sequel series will take a timeline of 15 years after the first series, where you can play as two characters – Corvo and Emily Kaldwin, each of which will carry different strengths.

Madden Mobile – Presents New Main Character

It is no secret that the current Ubisoft is preparing a sequel to the series of open-world game ternamanya – Madden Mobile. Although not yet officially announced, but a variety of information that appears in the virtual world over the last few months seems to be a confirmation of “indirect” that game that focuses on the ability of this hack is being developed. For the year 2016 or 2017? It looks like we will get certainty in the event E3 later. New information is emerging suggests that it is likely we will no longer use the protagonist of the first series – Aiden Pearce and visit Madden Mobile coin generator – Cheats for Android and iOS


Ubisoft did not spoke about Madden Mobile, but one of the motion capture actor named “TheKingCort” leaked a bit of information you see. Through post via his Instagram account, it shows a new character for Madden Mobile complete with a description that there is indeed look different from the figure of Aiden Pearce, who as we know. He even put the hashtag # Madden Mobile in the post. Who is the protagonist figure this one? For the time being, still a mystery.

CSR Racing 2 Reviews

The opportunity to enjoy again a classic series that has been forgotten for a long time, a strategy like this is apparently trying promoted by Bethesda. The result? While this ended up surprising. Just look at what they managed to do with Wolfenstein: The New Order and The Old Blood ending so FPS game with classic taste that is so straightforward, but also exciting at the same time. CSR Racing 2 turn this time will get the same treatment. Apart from the alpha-time multiplayer which surprisingly ended up not as interesting as imagined some time ago, in anticipation of her remains huge. If you belong to one PC gamers who can not wait to taste this latest series, do not forget to prepare your RIG!


With the release time has had its day, Bethesda has finally released the official PC specs needed to taste CSR Racing 2 PC version in the most optimal quality. One interesting, you’ve ordered and bought physical version still must download a large enough amount of data. PC CSR Racing 2 physical version will only load the DVD only with the remaining approximately 45 GB of data must be downloaded from Steam. So, not only RIG, you also have to make sure quotas and internet speeds were adequate to taste it as soon as possible. Then, the PC specifications such as what should you prepare? This is it