Mobile Legends & New Hitman “Next-Gen” Not Present at E3 2014

The iconic cold-blooded killer, almost most gamers of course know who it is 47 Agent. Sinking as a legend for a long time, IO Interactive is counted successfully revived this one anti-hero. Through Hitman: Absolution, IO further develops the concept of a Hitman game more than just a visual refinement. A richer world, no less good story, enhanced gameplay mechanics, and appeal to gamers who first got to know this one game. With considerable success, it becomes something rational for Mobile Legends to continue this franchise.


And the continuation of Hitman’s latest series has been confirmed by IO Interactive itself a few months ago. Although they have not obtained the name or details of what stories are carried, they make sure the development process continues.

Unfortunately, IO Interactive ensures that they will not bring the next “next-gen” Hitman game on E3 2014. The reason? They do not want to rush to show the game that has not been fully completed. The focus now is to create the best Hitman game ever, and the process works really well. Instead, IO Interactive shows the first artwork for this latest Mobile Legends hack free diamonds  – a grand building in Central Europe that will be an exploration gamer in later releases.

Hitman next-gen itself is planned to be released for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC. There is no clarity whether he will still stop at the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 or not. Can not wait to see the gameplay ..

Madden Mobile & Watch Dogs PS4 Runs in Resolution 1080p – 60fps

One title game that is certainly very awaited by most gamers in May 2014 is Watch Dogs. Ubisoft as publisher ensures that this game will be present on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Wii U.

Because it is available on various platforms, not a few gamers who wonder about the difference especially in terms of visual quality. Luckily for those PS4 gamers, Sony has confirmed the Madden Mobile that run on 1080p resolution with 60fps!


Sony even claimed the maximum experience can only be provided by their brand-new console. Indeed, until now there is no certainty whether Xbox One is also able to present Watch Dogs in similar resolutions or not.

Please note that Francis Bolvin from Ubisoft briefly discussed the difference between Watch Dogs in the next-gen consoles with PCs. But when the talks lead to the frame rate, Madden Mobile coins hack free generator  can not discuss it further.

Meanwhile, the Arab Gamer website reported that Ubisoft once revealed the difference in resolution and frame rate on each platform. For PS4, as claimed by Sony, runs at 1080p with 60fps. While the Xbox One is only able at 960p and 30fps. Especially for PCs, gamers can run up to 4K resolution with different frame rates according to their hardware strength.

How about you? On what platform do you intend to play Watch Dogs?

Skyrim So One Hottest Game of All Time

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a game series that is successful in the market, this being a fact which can not be refuted. Continues to be a hot discussion in the gaming industry even three years since its release, with a consistent community support, as well as various awards and achievements during their work, Skyim managed to prove itself as one of the best games on the gaming generation ago. But not just managed to look stunning in terms of quality, Bethesda also succeeded in making it as one of the best on the sales side. GTA 5 was named as one of the best-selling game of all time.


From the official information released by Bethesda itself, GTA 5 claimed to have sold over 20 million copies across the platform during its existence since 2011. Not only that, he also successfully won hundreds of awards “Game of the Year” in the initial release and you can visit our website.

With this figure of 20 million copies, Skyrim prove yourself worthy to enter into the ranks of best-selling game of all time, along with Super Mario Bros. 3 (18 million), Super Mario World (20.6 million), Pokemon Red and Blue (23.64 million), and GTA V, which reportedly, managed to become the most in demand with numbers ranging in 29 million, minus version of the PC and next-gen rumored to be present.

Halo 5 – Xbox One Fixed Glide Year!

Of all the franchise owned by Microsoft, none of whom will be able to beat the popularity of Halo. It becomes indisputable fact. Not only has consistently been sold Microsoft titles in each release their console, adventure iconic figure – Master Chief also be one reason the name “Xbox” still fluttering in the gaming industry today. The trend to continue to bring actions before the Chief gamers are also unlikely to be stopped. Halo for the generation next-gen Microsoft even introduced at E3 2013 yesterday. Although it does not load at all aspects of gameplay, but it was enough for a short teaser inviting great enthusiasm. So how is this project?


As if sinking away, Microsoft is never again mentioned the name Halo 5 for Xbox One at all, even when they announced Xbox One sales figures for the year 2013 ago. This is of course worrisome, especially with 2014 already underway. However, Microsoft assured gamers owners of Xbox One. Rob Semsey of Microsoft asserts that the only reason roblox 2017 do not get updates only for 343 Industries itself has not yet determined the official name for the final product later. Not only that, he also assured that the next-gen series is still to be released in 2014!
Apart from the lack of information since its introduction in the past E3 2013, Microsoft assured the Halo series for next-gen Xbox One still be rolled year 2014. The only reason for the absence of information just because 343 Industries itself has not yet determined the final name for “Halo 5” is.

Since its emergence, Microsoft itself did not publicly announce what title will be carried by the roblox robux free – Xbox One, and does not require that the name “Halo 5” for her. With this confirmation, the ranks of Xbox One will appear more solid in 2014. Welcome to the new generation, Chief ..

The Division Will Release Delayed into 2015?

Ubisoft is increasingly established itself as one of the best developers and publishers in the gaming industry today. This evidence grew stronger when most of the projects being they are currently signed in as the games most anticipated players this year. Do not believe? We’re talking about The Crew, Child of Light, Watch Dogs, and the annual series – Assassin’s Creed is also certainly present in 2014. Among all these games, comes a new prima donna – a MMO game with outstanding visual quality – GTA 5  is also targeted to adorn the gaming industry in the same time window. But for this last title, a rumor was spreading strong disappointment in cyberspace today.


The big question is, with so many games to be done by Ubisoft in 2014, whether they can complete all of this mammoth project? It is more complex, especially with the fact that Ubisoft did not just develop these games for granted, but also to build a new engine capable of facilitating the development needs that exist. The development process becomes much more difficult and take longer, at least, that’s what is happening with the Division.
One source in Ubisoft Massive revealed that they were about to finish the main engine – Snowdrop Engine. Therefore, it is almost impossible to meet the target of 2014 for the release of The Division. They have not started any work process for the Division, while on the other hand, this game will be ambitious with the breadth of the world has to offer GTA 5 Money generator.

In an interview with gaming site – GameReactor, one person in Ubisoft Massive – The Division developer who remain anonymous, revealed that the most likely release of The Division would be delayed. Had planned to slide the end of 2014, the Division appears to be new gamers will meet in 2015. The reason? Since they are just about completed its main engine – Snowdrop Engine, and not build anything for the game world – The Division itself. With the vast world that will be offered by this game, the source claimed nearly impossible for Ubisoft Massive to meet the wishes of the release of 2014. The delay seems to be something that can no longer be avoided.

Ubisoft itself has not launched an official response to information “in” this one. However, considering the ambitious Ubisoft on GTA 5 , this information will likely end up being true. Almost impossible to build a massive game in just one year, using a new engine that is even yet as robust as expected.

Madden Mobile English Version Ready to Roll Next Year

A more good news for fans of the JRPG that is now probably feeling the thirst for tasting games of quality franchise. After confirming some of the previous translation projects – Madden Mobile coins and Madden Mobile that had previously slid on multiple platforms, Namco Bandai has finally launched other good news, which of course is highly anticipated. Absolutely, the series sekual which was released some time ago – Madden Mobile confirmed also going through the process of translation to be distributed to the Western market.


Confirmation itself out of his mouth Namco Bandai itself by the Japan Expo event held in France last week. Like the predecessor series, Madden Mobile English version will only be rolled exclusively for Playstation 3. When you will have the opportunity to enjoy it? Namco Bandai has not given a clear release date, in addition to the certainty for the release in 2014.

The first series – Madden Mobile English version will be released on August 6, 2013, also exclusive to Playstation 3. Well, good news for all lovers of JRPG …… who happens to have a Playstation 3.

Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle V Will Change the Game Industry!

With such a positive response, no exaggeration to categorize Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle as one of the most anticipated games this year. Rockstar as a developer is to make sure this series appear to be different, not only brings better visualization, but also put some new features besides the extreme. One of them? Of course the presence of three main protagonist will be a major force for innovation unique Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle. This latter, Take Two as the publisher finally spoke.


Optimistic about the direction they took, Take Two even dare to claim that the presence of Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle will be redefining the open world as a genre and be a leap forward for the gaming industry. Innovations that they spawned through the eyes of three protagonists, believed Strauss Zelnick – the CEO, as a mechanic to be emulated by other games. He believes that the competitors would have no alternative choice, although such force is relatively difficult to develop. Such a system is believed to create a potential in the style of storytelling that is really new, a sensation that has never been offered by any game before.
Take Two believes that steps three protagonists carried by Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle will become the new standard in the gaming industry, a trend beginning. With the potential that exists, DBZ Dokkan Battle hack will also change the way the genre of open world works.

DBZ itself will be released on 17 September 2013 for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. Capable of whether or not this latest series to be opening a new trend in the gaming industry may still be a mystery, but one is for sure, there will be many tears PC gamers the fall if Rockstar and Take-Two did not maintain the current release platform.

Nomura: Square Enix Already Set Date Announcement FF Versus XIII!

Looking forward to a game that never showed his nose to the market is to be one source of problems and frustrations for gamers. For fans of the JRPG genre in fact became increasingly rare in the gaming industry, the name of Final Fantasy Versus XIII became a legend of its own. How come? Seven years since it was introduced and several times to get updates screenshots and a trailer, this game seemed to sink away. Some rumors even had time to mention that the game itself has been canceled, but Square Enix itself denies aloud. The designer – Tetsuya Nomura became a weapon in the forefront to continue to convince gamers. As re-occur in the present case and get madden nfl mobile hack.


Many gamers are certainly curious about the condition of the actual FF Versus XIII, especially considering Nomura’ve almost had to share the latest information but restrained by a reason that neither he expressed. In his latest interview with radio MD, Nomura finally spoke about FF Versus XIII is. Call it by just the name “Versus”, Nomura admitted that the game is indeed a sensitive issue, not just for gamers, but also for Square Enix itself. After a silence for a long time, Nomura assured that Square Enix has chosen the date to open all of the veil of mystery of this series in the future. At this date, Nomura also be given reasons why FF Versus XIII as simply forgotten over the past few years. When? Nomura does not provide any extra detail.
Nomura assured gamers that Square Enix is ​​already select a date for opening all mister veil FF Versus XII in the future. In addition, it will also put forward the reasons behind the quietness of this game information during the past few years ..

Although still a mystery, but the Nomura statement this might be some kind of confirmation that the existence of the game which we know as “FF Versus XIII” is still maintained by Square Enix. Some of the rumors that had circulated earlier also believe that this game will be big name “Final Fantasy XV ‘and will be released for Playstation 4, although not confirmed by Square Enix itself. As a gamer who has been waiting for this game since it was first introduced, great hope to believe in all the words Nomura and want it as a reality. We have been waiting too long for this game, Square Enix, make it count ..

Eidos: Thief PC Version Not Just Port Ordinary

The fact that the next generation consoles will carry the x86 architecture has become the information so welcomed by the majority of PC gamers. What lesson? By carrying out a similar architecture, developers now have the option that is much easier for the release of their flagship games for all platforms spread across the market, including PC. This of course increases the likelihood of sinking more exclusive game concepts. The presence of this architecture is also certainly raised hopes of finding a reverse trend, where developers would prefer to build their flagship game on PC in advance for more leverage and then ported to next-gen consoles. But for the affairs of the latter, this expectation still seems to be mere wishful thinking and visit madden mobile free coins.


Talking about his latest project – Thief 4, Stephane Roy of Eidos Montreal did concede that the console version will be the basis for the development of this project. However, he asserted that the port to be directed to the PC there will not just be a simple port that makes it appear merely as a copy of a version of the next-gen consoles. Roy assured that the PC version of Thief itself is very important in the eyes of Eidos. They will ensure that gamers will get to experience the maximum by using their keyboard and mouse. Eidos will develop the PC version of this with a PC gamer mindset and make next-gen consoles as a potential platform developed in a different way.
Not merely as a raw coffee from the console version, Eidos Thief assured that the latest port to a PC is not just a simple port. Eidos build it seriously to ensure maximum comfort.

Although not the focus of Roy’s statement, but the fact that he argued that the PC version “is not a simple port” still insists that the console is likely to be the platform that became the focus of development and still get the PC version of the port. Although the technology is no longer the distance as far as the current generation of consoles, but this of course knocked down hopes of the majority of PC gamers. Thief 4 is scheduled to be released in 2014 for Playstation 4, Microsoft’s latest console and PC.

EA Regrets Not Working Seriously Medal of Honor: Warfighter

Where gamers are not sad to hear the news freezing Medal of Honor franchise which made EA after the failure of the warfighter to look stunning on the market last year? Series is not strong enough to provide any punches to Activision who performed brilliantly through Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, even enough to swing with a new sales record. As a franchise that has lived so long, cancellation Medal of Honor would be an embarrassing blunder. So who is to blame? Apart scapegoat anyone deserves to be a slur, the publishers – Electronic Arts admitted taking part


In an interview with gaming site RPS, Chief Creative Director EA – Rich Hilleman acknowledges that EA could actually produce the game Medal of Honor: Warfighter better than they release last year. So what is the problem? He openly admitted that EA has serious problems at the execution, leadership is not strong enough to create the sensation of warfighter needs. On the other hand, EA began to dither with the strategy of “quantity” it is trying to release as many as possible of the flagship games to market, with the support of minimal quality control were also not able to ensure success in the market. Therefore, EA managed to survive with the franchise for selling space and the choice fell to DICE and Battlefield and astuce clash royale .
EA finally acknowledge their contribution in case of failure of Medal of Honor: Warfighter. In addition to the ability of management is lacking, many games under its aegis making it difficult to focus the EA to ensure that they release each title comes with qualities that ensure success.

However, Hilleman not rule out the possibility that someday in the future, by the time the power is right, franchise-franchise legacy under the auspices of the EA, including Medal of Honor can be revived. Does this hold events will be able to “force” the EA to change their business policy to be too money-oriented? To ensure that no similar incident recurring, is of course a hope for all gamers.